Smiths Connectors Hypertac – Hypertronics

Astrex Electronics is an Authorized Franchised Distributor of Smiths Connectors Hypertac – Hypertronics. Astrex has been continuously recognized for their commitment to the growth and success of Hypertronics and their dedication to Hypertronics customers.When failure is not an option, trust Hypertonics.

Hypertronics is a connector manufacturer of High Density Rack and Panel Connectors, and Circular Plastic Connectors that utilize their patented, highly specialized Hypertac contact design. The special contact design offers several advantages: Long contact life, Lower contact resistance, Low insertion / Extraction forces and Exceptional electrical continuity under shock and vibration. The connector types include plastic and metal circulars, large PCB Connectors, stacking PC board, power PC board, high-density PC board, power rack & panel, modular rack & panel, high-density modular rack & panel, D55302 and 2mm connector interchangeable with cPCI COTS Systems.


Hypertronics KVPX Connectors

Hypertronics KVPX Series connectors perform under the most severe conditions, giving them the edge in demanding critical applications for military, aerospace, industrial, and medical devices where failure is not an option.

Hypertronics Shielded HyperGrip® Push/Pull Circular Plastic Connectors

HyperGrip is ideal for a variety of critical applications including portable ultrasound devices, digital X-Ray sensors, patient monitors, a variety of therapeutic devices and integrated imaging systems, where dependability is critical.

Hypertac Contact Technology

Hypertac offers the unique Hypertac® technology, an advanced hyperboloid contact design that satisfies performance requirements previously considered impossible. Hypertac connectors range in amperage from one to 500 Amps, and are available various sizes and configurations.

Hypertronics cPCI 2MM Connectors

Tested to military standards, the Hypertronics cPCI 2mm connector delivers the highest performance in a ruggedized CompactPCI format for all mission critical applications such as military land systems, shipboard, and aerospace

Hypertronics Series Power Connector

Hypertronics L&N series connectors are used in the most demanding of applications where the environment demands durability, ruggedization and extended operating life.

Hypertronics SATA Connector Series

These Hypertronics connectors are specially designed for hostile environments and to withstand shock and vibration for which industry-standard SATA connectors are inadequate.

Hypertronics HyperRel Connectors


 HyperRel is built upon the legendary Hypertac contact technology which outperforms other interconnect options in terms of performance reliability, number of mating cycles, contact forces, contact resistance and value.

Hypertronics KA Connectors


Hypertronics KA series comes in 2–5 row configurations designed with the legendary Hypertac Hyperboloid Technology. The 2 and 3 row series are MIL-DTL-55302 QPL’D and offers flexibility not available with other interconnects. The KA series was designed as printed circuit board connectors offering pin counts from 17 to 490 contacts.

Hypertronics KGA Series Connectors


Hypertronics KGA Series connectors are high density, PCB connectors available in two styles.

  • plug (with pins) to receptacle (with sockets) 
  • pin carrier (bed of nails) to receptacle (with sockets).

Hypertronics HMD – High Density Micro Connectors


The Hypertronics High Density Micro Connectors (HMD Range) provide a drop in replacement for Micro D style interconnects making them ideal for applications such as cable to cable and cable to PCB.

Hypertronics VME64x- Ruggedized Connectors

The Hypertronics ruggedized VME64x interconnect solution comprises optimized contact lead traces to provide superior performance in high-speed signal applications.

Hypertronics N Series High Density Connectors

Hypertronics N series high density modular connectors include several new modules including Coax and High Current contacts up to 200 amps, as well as the patented Hot Plug contact.

Hypertronics LSH Connectors

Made with the superior Hypertronics contact technology, these connectors offer the ability to withstand shock & vibration fretting, with low insertion / extraction forces for easy mating.

Hypertronics D Series Connectors

  • recognized components File No. 102195
  • High impact polycarbonate or ULTEM body
  • High temperature versions available (+125° C)
  • Quick disconnect push button release

Hypertronics KFT Connector Series

Hypertronics KFT Connector Series provides a low profile, dual row in-line interconnect solution ideally suited for stacking and use in areas where board real estate is at a premium.