Smiths Connectors Sabritec

Astrex Electronics is an Authorized Franchised Distributor of Smiths Connectors Sabrtiec.

Sabritec brand is synonymous with custom interconnect solutions for military, space/satellite, medical, telecom, commercial avionics and test & measurement applications. Sabritec specializes in the design and manufacture of coax, triax, filtered, and high speed interconnects (Fibre Channel, Ethernet, Firewire), fiber optic connectors, contacts, and cable assemblies. Sabritec brand is well known for creating high quality precision interconnect products from initial concept, design and development, through production and acceptance testing. Sabritec is a brand of Smiths Connectors.

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Sabritec High Density Miniature Circular Connectors (HDMC)

Sabritec’s new High Density Miniature Circular Connectors (HDMC) series offers the performance of a MIL-DTL-38999 connector in a smaller size with significant weight savings. The HMDC is offered with Size 23 crimp removable contacts, Size 12 High Frequency Coax (MDHC) contacts, Size 10 High Speed Twinax and rugged Fiber Optic signaling.      

Sabritec Duraspeed Quadrax/Twinax Contacts

Sabritec’s Duraspeed line offers true differential pair matched impedance Twinax and Quadrax contacts, where the differential pair and signal to shield impedance is maintained throughout the connector pair, with rugged low insertion force/high mating cycle precision contacts capable of withstanding a minimum of 6,000 mating cycles.

Cable Assemblies and Custom Interconnects

All Sabritec cable assemblies are subjected to mechanical constraints and scrutinized with a thorough visual examination, thus ensuring a dependable and reliable rugged cable assembly.

Sabritec High Power Connectors

Sabritec’s High Power connectors utilize the superior performing Hyperboloid® contact technology, ideal for harsh and demanding environments with low contact resistance

Sabritec Ultraminiature Triax Connectors

The series includes straight and right angle cable mount and PCB mount connectors, in-series and between series adapters, as well as coax/triax transitional adapters, bulkhead receptacles and cable-bus terminators.

Sabritec Filter Connectors

Sabritec offers filter composite connectors for MIL-DTL-38999 Series III. The filter composite materials can resist severe corrosion of up to 2000 hrs of Salt Spray. Using composite filter connectors can help increase durability up to 1500 cycles. Filter composite connectors have magnetic permeability that meet all applicable MIL-DTL-38999 requirements.

Sabritec IP67 Watertight Connectors

Electronic equipment that is used in harsh environments requires connectors that can withstand exposure to moisture, dust and other elements. Also many applications require components to meet the Ingress Protection (IP) rating of IP67. Sabritec has developed water resistant connectors that can be successfully used in systems where moisture, humidity, water and dust are present. Our Sabritec design method is capable of sealing up to 35 psi in the unmated, open faced condition.

Sabritec Passive Equalization Technology

The robust ‘user-transparent’ device will extend the reach of high speed digital signals without using any system power or pc board real estate. It is intended for use in high speed (>2Gb/s) 100 Ohm differential interconnects.

Sabritec ARINC 801 Terminus

The ARINC 801 fiber optic terminus is the next generation of high density, butt joint interconnect technology.

Sabritec Ruggedized Fiber Optic Connectors / Contacts

Sabritec offers rugged optical fiber connectors such as the MIL-DTL-38999 to house fiber optic contacts such as size 5 and 12 expanded beam, size 16 butt-joint, DIN style and now ARINC 801. These technologies are capable of supporting wide bandwidth applications.